Rear End Collisions and TBI/Traumatic Brain Injury - Eight Tips from Your Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer on How to Avoid

 As a Personal Injury attorney here in Atlanta, Georgia, I have seen many cases of TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), namely concussion, occurring as the result of a rear end collision. Brain Injury can occur very easily when you are involved in a car crash with a direct impact, such as when your vehicle is struck from behind. This can cause the brain to be jarred within the skull from the sudden impact, effectively "acceleration/deceleration" of the brain. Also common is a rotational force - where perhaps the driver or passenger is looking to the right or to the left when struck from behind. Rear end collisions commonly cause bruising of the brain with potential bleeding of the brain tissue.

As stated above, concussion is a form of Traumatic Brain Injury. What is concussion exactly? It's an altered mental state which has been brought about by an outside force causing injury to the brain. A concussion can be either mild or severe. In an accident such as a rear end collision, concussion can occur without a direct blow to the head, caused by the force of the impact jarring the head forward and then backward. It is caused when the automobile stops or starts suddenly as it would do if hit from behind.

Some symptoms of concussion to look for after an accident include dizziness, sensitivity to light and sound, blurred vision, and headache.

In actuality, most concussions do not result in loss of consciousness. Research has shown it to be less than 10%. One important thing to keep in mind is that concussion symptoms usually do not appear immediately after the crash. They tend to show up more slowly over a period of several weeks after the accident. In fact, many times doctors will recommend that other family members watch the crash victim for at least twenty-four hours following the accident for symptoms to appear. This is the reason why the insurance companies are eager to settle your case quickly - before the full extent of your injuries has surfaced and perhaps before you have visited your doctor.


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